Over the years I hired a Cavalier or Eureka Camper from Camper Trailers WA and joined groups of seasoned campers to travel to amazing destinations all over Western Australia. Now I have my own well used ‘home away from Perth central’, a Eureka and couldn’t be happier. I can go anywhere with my camper.

To fully experience the real outback of Australia with the pleasures our countryside offers, I couldn’t recommend more, that you take along a camper trailer. More to the point take one of Dave and Helen’s Eurekas along to ensure you arrive at your destination with all machinery and belongings intact. You don’t want the inconvenience and expense of a breakdown if you are deep in the outback; or on the Gibb River Road; or on an unforgiving track east of Esperance.

You want to know that your trailer can make the journey without you being preoccupied every second of the trip about the less than capable camper being towed.

Dave will pin point on a map places where at night the absolute silence is only interrupted by the voices of people around a campfire. He will show you where there is a fish to be caught; a beach to laze on; a billabong to swim in and a homestead to visit.

You want protection from the elements and unwanted insects. On windy days and stormy nights you don’t want to hear the flapping of canvas. You need a camper van which is sealed to keep out the red dust; one that is manufactured to comfortably cope with the rough off-road tracks.

Helen has ensured you get a quality kitchen with built in gas cooker. Makes meal preparation a pleasure. Plenty of pantry storage for food, pots, pans, cutlery, plates are in the package. There is enough room to fit a fridge/freezer and that can be ordered too.

Dave has about 25 years of personal, hands on experience in the game and with the way he talks about his adventures, expect him to be passionately involved for another couple of decades.

He doesn’t mind telling you that camping in the outback is ‘living the dream’ and I go along with that. Helen will tell you it’s only a dream because the kitchen is designed with all the mod cons.

At night, after an exhausting day, I retire to comfortable and therapeutic bed made of high density foam. Gives my body and mind a complete rest. Occasionally, usually at night and tucked away in bed, I will read a book with the aid of a well positioned LED side-light.

Dave and Helen have thought of it all