The moment we heard of the Redtrack Tours trip to Karijini National Park we had no hesitation in jumping at it as that this was exactly what we were looking for. Renting one of their off road camper trailers and tagging along in a convoy of 10 vehicles, each with their camper trailers in tow for the 10 days was amazing. Learning the correct set up and set down of the camper trailer. We were on the move daily, experiencing independent camping in the security of a group of other campers as well as Dave, our tour guide with an amazing amount of knowledge and experience. Not to mention his wicked sense of humour! We camped for 3 Nights in Karijini National Park. Exploring the Gorges with Dave at the helm was both exciting and challenging. But what an experience! Swimming in the beautiful rock pools in between majestic rock cliffs is awe inspiring. The friendships formed around the camp fires, gazing at the starry night skies, nibbles and drinks at sunset and early morning bird calls echoing through the silence is priceless. And in between there somewhere, Dave gives us a talk on batteries and solar panels and other do’s and don’ts. Not being cooped up in a caravan park but camping on farm stations in the great outdoors is another part that made this experience one we will never forget and intend to pursue on our future camping travels. Don’t put it off! Do it! Living the dream! Bill & Leaticia