Dave’s particular brand of eco camping tours is like this – imagine going away with a group of like- minded outward bound people. Your tour guide is like a favourite brother who wants to take you to out of the way, quiet, special, spectacular places. This requires at times for you to be challenged, both in ‘being a camper’ and sometimes physically. But like a brother, Dave has always got your back to make sure you are safe and having a good time. ‘Living the dream’ he shouts out. And it really is. Camping under coolabah trees, swimming in billabongs, campfires under the stars, cooking over the communal barbie, bathing in warm springs, the unforgettable Karijini National Park, station life, carpets of wildflowers off the tourist track. This trip takes you to the heart of WA and Dave makes sure you are truly experiencing it.
Thanks Dave.
As before we have come away more inspired, confident in our camping, and keen to join in on another trip.

Beth and Ken O’Neil