Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park is a vast wilderness area in the Hamersley Range of Western Australia. In the park’s north, Oxer Lookout has views of the Weano, Red, Hancock and Joffre gorges. At the edge of Weano Gorge, a trail leads to Handrail Pool. To the east are the red rocks of Dales Gorge and the cascades of Fortescue Falls. Indigenous wildlife includes Australian goshawks, ring-tailed dragons and desert tree frogs.

Dale gorge has three major attractions: Fortescue Falls, the Circular Pool and Fern Pool are prefect for a day’s trip. The Dales (Fortescue) camp ground is close by. Savanah campsite is the most well-equipped campsite with showers, toilets and a tavern. From the campsite you can trek down to the bottom of Joffre gorge to be amazed by the shear size and unique beauty of Joffre falls. The trek is well marked but make sure you take a backpack, camera, towel, drinking water, food, and an inflatable mattress that can be used to paddle rather than swim in the cold water.

Karijini National Park is situated in the Hamersley Range between the townships of Tom Price and Newman and is approximately 1400 Km’s from Perth along the Great Northern Highway.

Things to See and Do

  • Dales Gorge – At Dales Gorge you can experience three major highlights of Karijini National Park and Australia’s Pilbara region.
  • Karijini Visitor Centre: The visitor centre is a fascinating part of any visit to Karijini National Park.
  • Oxer lookout that overlooks the junction of Handcock, Joffre and Weano gorge.
  • Joffre Gorge – Joffre Gorge is a stunning natural amphitheatre with a spectacular curved seasonal waterfall.

Upcoming Tours

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