bremer bay western australia beach camping

Bremer Bay is renowned for its beautiful beaches; the main beach is only 10 minutes walk from town. A marina at Fishery Beach offers full boating facilities and many of the areas surrounding the town are excellent for fishing. The Bremer Marine Park lies offshore, and the coastal area surrounding the Park is renowned for its huge sand dunes and incredible, pearl-white beaches. 

The waters around Bremer Bay are also home to an abundance of marine life and nutrient-rich dazzling blue waters of the Southern Ocean. The coastal areas are havens for the many types of marine mammals and fish species. Here you’ll find dolphins, sea lions, and in late winter to early spring, you’ll catch the annual migration of majestic whales.  


515 km (320 mi) SE of Perth; 180 km (112 mi) ENE of Albany

Things to see and do

  • Go fishing and boating along Australia’s amazing South West coastline
  • See incredible reefs, perfect for snorkelling and swimming
  • Relax in a tranquil coastal bay sheltered by cliffs and sun-swept dunes
  • Experience an amazing sunset view from one of Australia’s largest sand dunes just meters from the waves
  • The rural town of Bremer Bay is situated just an hour’s drive away from our chosen campsite and offers a range of sights unique to a west coastal town